Судові антропологи можуть спробувати визначити расу людини за черепом. Чи мають вони це робити?



Forensic anthropology has been a vital tool in identifying the biological remains of missing or unidentified persons. However, the practice of ancestry estimation, which involves predicting the racial identity of a person based on skeletal features, has come under scrutiny in recent years. Many forensic anthropologists, including Allysha Winburn, are now questioning the accuracy and ethics of this practice. A committee of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences is currently working on a new standard that would promote more specific social and biological populations rather than racial categories. The debate has ignited discussions about the potential harm that ancestry estimation could cause, particularly to marginalized groups. While some argue that it remains a vital tool, others are calling for more research to ensure that it is not perpetuating harmful racial stereotypes. The proposed standard aims to promote the use of “population affinity estimates” that refer to more specific social and biological groups.. (2040 characters)